Thursday, February 1, 2018

Seems to be making good progress

So Ashton has been at Lisbon Elementary now for 3 weeks.  He seems to have adjusted well, he's had a few very minor issues but nothing over-the-top.  I feel like the staff is really looking out for him!  I keep praying that he continues to experience success.  For the first time, I've seen him really be excited about progressing academically!  Not sure how long the honeymoon period lasts, but I am praying that as it wears off and he continues to feel more comfortable that he will continue to feel successful and loved!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

3 baskets

Signs of Ashton maturing are everywhere!  Last weekend at his basketball game through a local church, he actually scored 3 baskets!  I was so proud!

Friday, January 12, 2018

First days at Lisbon Elementary

1st day at Lisbon Elementary
Ashton had his first two days a Lisbon Elementary School this week.  He seemed to adjust to his new peers with absolutely no issues.  From all reports he seemed very happy at both lunch and recess.  Apparently, he also got a happy go home note home today, but he said he left it at school.  I am praying that the structure of the classroom environment and all the extra hands will make his experience a very successful one!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Big Changes ahead!

As we close out the year Ashton has some big changes ahead.  This week we informed him that he is going to attend school with me at Lisbon Elementary.  I am both excited and nervous!  I hope for him it is an excellent experience, as I believe that Lisbon has every resource he needs to be successful in school.  I am sad to be leaving his Montessori school as they care about him so much there, however, I had a meeting with the principal and she was very supportive and for some reason if things don't work out at Lisbon, he can go back!

Ashton's latest career aspiration is to work for NERF!  So he can have lots of nerf guns!!!!

We had a nice Christmas.  Relatively quiet!  Ashton received the gift of the Xbox 360 that he had been wanting so desperately!!!  He's been a very happy boy!

Ready for a Nerf battle

Kinect for XBOX 360

Minecraft Legos from Grandpa and Grandma B

Playing his new XBOX 360

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Creativity in boredom

So Ashton has lost all electronics for the last 6 days.  While it is has made him a little more higher than maintenance than usual, always wanted someone to play with him, he has also been very creative, which we just adore!    He's made a minecraft bow and arrow, a recycled treasure gun with wrapping paper tubes, a minecraft mural, construction paper vest just to name a few!  Here's pic of his minecraft mural!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Frequent Flyer

We have little people at my elementary schools who are consistently asking to go to the heath room because they are sick.  Ashton has officially joined the ranks of those frequent flyers!  Not sure how many times the health room has called us this year, but he definitely gets the prize for a lot of times!

Monday, December 11, 2017

December snowfall

There is just nothing cuter than Ashton all bundled up to go outside and play in the snow!

Also yesterday Ashton's 3rd or 4th tooth fell out.  The first few that fell out, he literally lost, so now the tooth fairy comes even if there is no physical evidence of the tooth, the tooth fairy leaves the golden coin and Ashton gets to keep his tooth!  A win win for everyone!

Another funny for the books.  Yesterday, Lily was decorating the Christmas tree and Lily said to Ashton, "Ashton, please help me put on the (Christmas) skirt."  Ashton replies, "no way, I am not wearing that!"

Lastly this is the time of year when I often reflect on my little guy.  Even though he is super active, and sometimes has difficulty in school and at home, overall when I am around his peers and other kids his age I am really in awe of what a really awesome kid he is!  We are so blessed that he calls us mommy and daddy.