Monday, April 22, 2013


Sometimes there are just words in spanish that just capture the essence of a child.  The word of the last few months is TRAVIESO.  Translated travieso means troublemaker, mischevious, boyish, playful, high sprited, naughty.  Well that is Ashton to a tee!  If
there is trouble to be made, Ashton will find it and make it.  Some of my favorites lately


1.  Taking his sister's BLACK mascara right before we are going to leave the house to have their photos taken professionally and putting it in his HAIR, face, and hands!

2.  Taking the flowers out of the vase on the kitchen table and laying them off to the side, so he could pour the large vase of water into a tiny kid sized cup that was empty on the table.  Needless to say there was ALOT of water in our kitchen!

3.  No standing water of any type is safe.  The dog's water bowl, any cup left on a table, his sippy cups, the bathtub, the water that paint brushes are soaking in...etc...he will find it and dump it out...normally on the floor or all over himself!  Thank goodness it's water!  He goes through at least 2 pairs of clothes a day!

4.  On a regular basis we have to patrol the bathroom because he loves to play in the toilet, with the toothpaste, and with the hand and soap lotion by the sink!

5.  He took my make-upconcealer and used it to paint on our bedroom furniture.

Of course this is just a small sampling of his toddler antics!

In other news Ashton just celebrated his 2nd birthday!  We had a small family party for him.  In attendence were his Ms. Taylor's family, Arianna's adoptive family, and us!