Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ashton goes golfing and Mr. Congeniality

So Ashton has been asking to go golfing for a few months now, so earlier this week we took him to the driving range near our house and let him hit some balls.  He really enjoyed it!  He's been asking to go back!  Funny thing is even though he is a lefty, he prefers to strike the ball as a righty.  Needless to say both and him and Lily were quite cute hitting the ball hard!

Also Ashton has really come out of his shell socially.  He used to be so shy and clingy and now he is like a social party animal.  On our beach trip to Ocean City this year, he was like the social director.  Making friends with different boys in different families and then trying to get them all together to play.  It is so funny to watch!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Ashton's first "real" movie

So finally after days of saying he would not go to the movie theater with us to see Finding Dory, Ashton finally conceded and agree to go.  I would say he would give the experience 2 out 5 stars and I don't expect him to want to go again any time soon!  He liked the popcorn, snack and drink, but otherwise I think it was too much for him.  There were over 45 minutes of previews which were loud and sometimes scary.  He kept telling me he had to go to the bathroom.  Then during actual movie he kept asking me if it was almost over.  Although, I must say I am pleased that he lasted the entire movie!   I guess we'll wait a while before we try again! 

He wanted to do a silly pose

Ready for the show!