Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rock eater, Toilet, Bathtub and Dog water bowl swimmer, Poop explorer

Well Ashton is officially into EVERYTHING!  Absolutely nothing is safe or sacred!  He CANNOT be trusted ALONE ever!  If it's too quiet...something is definitely up!

So first there are the rocks/pebbles...he loves to eat them by the matter how many times we tell him no and take them out of his mouth, he finds a way to get them back in his mouth....yuck!  And it doesn't matter what size the rock is....if he finds little ones great....bigger ones...even better!

Then there is the water temptation.  It comes from every location.  The dogs' water bowl in the kitchen.  The toilet and the bathtub.  Today he decided to throw blue (his blue teddy bear lovey) into the bathtub.  While reaching for it, he slipped forward and dove head first into the bathtub with Lily fully clothed and shoed.  Thank goodness I was there to pull him out.  I think he was a little shook up, but then a few minutes later he went to do it again!

Olav reports one of the grossest adventures...the diaper genie.  Apparently Olav left a dirty diaper on top of the diaper genie (instead of flipping it down into the trash bag inside).  Ashton got ahold of the dirty diaper.  Well you can imagine what he did with that dirty diaper as he smeared poop everywhere on his little self and the area around him!  Gross!  Glad I missed that one!