Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing out the year

I feel this personally imposed pressure to write something Ashton's life as 2012 comes to a close.  So here goes a bunch of random thoughts strung together!

First, Ashton had his first "official" snow over Christmas.  Not sure he was a big fan!  I think he was frustrated by his lack of mobility due to  the snow suit and boots.  He tried sleding once or twice, but again not a big fan. Plus he refused to keep his gloves on...which makes for some really cold hands. 

Christmas was fun.  Santa brought Ashton a plasma car.  It was the hit of Christmas!

After Christmas Ashton and mommy traveled to GA/NC to visit with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Ginger and all our step Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.  Mama felt like a super hero traveling solo with Ashton lugging, suitcase, carseat, diaper bag, stroller, computer, and personal items!  Ashton had a great time.  Especially with Uncle Greg and Uncle Doug!  He was a really good boy!  Everyone was so complimentary of his sweet and easy going disposition! Now only if he would sleep in!!!

While in NC Ashton went bowling for the first time.  Very cute!  Of course it was more like pushing the ball down the alley or the handicap ramp, but still very fun!   Thank goodness for gutter guards.   I loved watching him try to mimic the bowling technique once he saw a few people do it.

The thing I notice the most nowdays is his ever increasing vocabulary.  It's like he's a little parrot.  He basically can say whatever he hears!  It is very cute!  It's so ironic how at his 9 or 12 month check-up the pediatrician was concerned about his speech-language.  He even has begun to put two and three words together.

Ashton continues to love baths.  He tries to get into the bath at every opportunity.  He also continues to be a daddy's boy!

I pray that 2013 is a very happy and healthy year for the littlest Gjerde member!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Seeds of faith

Tonight I witnesses the sweetest thing.  At dinner we said, "let's pray".  Ashton repeated "let's pray" then proceed to fold his little hands and bow his head in prayer.  While I would like to take credit for this, I really believe we owe it to Ms. Helen his daycare provider who is so consistent with her little charges each day.  So sweet to the seeds of faith planted in a young child!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lil Book Boy

Ashton has taken a real interest in books lately!  We love it.  He brings us books all the time to read and point out pictures.  So fun!