Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our crazy klepto crossdressing little guy

Never thought I'd put those words together in a sentence!  Well our little guy is full of surprises now days!  First, he has sticky fingers!   A few weeks ago he was complaining that this private area was itching.  It appears as if he was itching and clutching himself.  Later come to find out he had smuggled in his shirt one of daddy's drill bits from the counter.

 Also he loves to play dress up with Lily, hence the beautiful unicorn costume.  Last week we found that he had smuggled Lily's dress up clothes into bed for hiding.  Today while playing in his room, he came out with a like Cinderella dress up dress.  Apparently after making some phone calls, he sticky fingered it from Ms. Helen's house.  Oh dear!  Trying not to make a big deal out of all of this...but you gotta wonder?  I guess time will tell.

He also continues to be a little pistol!  Recently he decide to put back the letters family that he had taken down a while a go, back up.  I totally love our fimlay!

We went camping a few weeks ago with our fellow Guatemalan adoptive families.  As usual we took our family photographs and as usual Ashton smiled for the camera!  NOT!  He was soooo done!

Lastly, Ashton has been complaining that his bottom has been itching.  So in his daycare backpack we packed some Preparation-H cream.  Last night he decided that Preparation-H cream is great for cleaning his toy cars with.  LOL! 
They say boys are easier, but sometimes I am not sure!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Strong Willed

God must have a funny sense of humor.  Ashton lately has been a little pistol.  He's been a pistol at home and a pistol at daycare.  Trying to figure out how to tame his will without breaking his spirit!

Originally I wasn't going to sign him up for preschool in the fall, but with his behavior lately we were thinking he could benefit from a little more structure.  So effective September 1st, Ashton will be going to the Goddard School for preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Mama felt a little emotional when I signed him up.