Sunday, August 26, 2012

Word Wall

I remember when I lived in Guatemala our roommate Erin recorded her daughter's vocabulary words until she no longer could keep up. So I want to try!

Da (doggy)
eat eat

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Strong Sense of Self

Could I be any cuter?

Well Ashton has officially departed the infant stage and has entered into the toddler stage!  He has a strong sense of self with both a mind and a will of his own.  Interrupt his plans...and you get huge temper tantruns, including throwing himself down the ground and crying!

I guess the good thing about this is that developmental the last weeks he has had a developmental jump.  At his 15 month Dr. appt. the pediatrician recommended we contact infant and toddlers to have Ashton evaluated since he still was verbalizing language.  She was concerned that he was using his motor skills to compinsate for not using language.  Well fast forward 2 to 3 weeks and all of sudden he started doing all the things the pediatrician thought he should be doing.  In fact, the infant and toddlers teacher's said he was about 18 months on psychomotor and about 14 months on his social/verbal.  He now says mamma, dadda, uh oh, ta da, hot and he tries to mimic other words like outside.  He knows Lily and puppy...and gets very excited when we say those words.  He alss loves to wave to everyone.

Ashton has gotten really comfortable in the water as well.  He has very little fear.  He wades out very far not wanting anyone to hold onto him.  When you ask him if he wants to swim, he lies on his belly and kicks his legs and his little arms are in a superman pose.

Lastly this summer Ashton has the opportunity to paint two times...needless to say the photographs are quite fun!