Sunday, October 16, 2016

The roller coaster of parenting

Life with Ashton has been full of up and downs lately.  Olav and I were commenting how we thought perhaps he had turned a corner in his behavior, but like all roller coasters he has had his ups and downs.    This week has been a toughie.  We got a note from school saying that Ashton had threatened to bring a gun to school and kill another child.  I don't know where he gets this stuff from!  Needless to say it's been stressful.

On the other hand he has mastered some really cool skills.  We recently went to a birthday party for our friend Charlotte Henry and he tried roller skating for the 2nd time.  He was really getting the hang of it!  He even asked for rollerskates and a skate mate for Christmas.

Ashton and his skate mate

Also we recently had Olav's niece Cecilie and her husband Jarle here from Norway for a long weekend.  Ashton absolutely adored and bonded with Jarle.  Ashton is such a guys guy...he loves any man cub!

Ashton loves his fellow man cubs!

Ashton is also learning to write words and short sentences.  It is really cute to see him try to make words by sounding out the letters!

Of course as always when Ashton is not showing his wild side, he is adorable and sweet as ever.  I pray that we figure out how to help him manage his frustration better both at home and at school.