Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of Kindergarten

Today was Ashton's first day of kindergarten.  He woke up to an alarm he set last night eager to start the day!  He promptly got dressed and brushed his teeth and was ready to face the day!  When I picked him up this afternoon for carpool he exclaimed, "I had a GREAT day!"  Just want a momma wants to hear! 

After school he also had a boys only gymnastics class. He seemed to really enjoy it especially since he was with boys his age and he could jump into the foam pit!

Now I am trying to get him to go to sleep...he's so tired, but he has crossed over the edge:)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It is time for Ashton to go back to school

The last few weeks have been tough in the Gjerde household.  Ashton has been an angry, willful, and an oppositional mess.  He is constantly telling people he doesn't like them, he hates them, he's not going to be their friend when he doesn't get his way. Needless to say no one is enjoying him.  We've tried consequences such as putting him in his room, removing him from the situations, taking away his kindle and his pokey, but the message simply doesn't seem to be getting through.  The only saving grace is that his sister was similar at this age and she seemed to pull through just fine.  So here's to hoping!

Monday, August 1, 2016


Lately I feel like the theme of Ashton's little life currently is almost....

He almost can ride his bike....but he chooses not to.  He's riding basically on very little training wheels and the training wheels he is using are basically useless, but he refuses to try with his new bike with better training wheels or allow us to take the training wheels either way we will wait for his timing....

He can almost swim....but he chooses not to.  He loves the water, but only on his terms.  While we were on vacation he was so close to swimming, but atlas he refused to again...we'll wait for his timing.

He is a stubborn little guy.  He reminds me of a character in a story book, called Ruby in her own time.  The story is about a Ruby who does everything her older brother and sisters do, but of course, only her own time!

Ashton attended vacation bible school at Frederick Church of the Brethren.  It was so cute he kept calling it bible cation school.  The first day he clung to daddy, but after that he wanted to go in totally independent of us.  On the last day the whole group of 200 plus children got up and performed some songs for traditional Ashton fashion, he slunk down low on the ground, semi hid and did not sing:)  Although Lily did report that one evening when it was just kids, he spoke into a microphone to answer a question.

He also attended gymnastics camp again!  He loves the foam pit and he continues to be a social little dude! The teacher reported that he seems to have fear of heights, which I'd had never noticed before but did see a little of it on our vacation.  However, on our vacation he seemed to tackle his fear enough to climb a tower with me!

Ashton continues love golf!  He asks on a regular basis when can we go play golf.  I found him at good will a small bag and few clubs for cheap...he loves it!

Loves his golf clubs

Also Ashton has gotten really good at writing his name.  He can now write his whole name without assistance and even make his "s" proper (although I really loved his old "s"). Last night I came home to this lovely picture of myself with my name.  Adorable


Ashton's signature

We took a vacation to New Hampshire and Ashton just adored playing in the lake!  I couldn't get him to go to deep with crying, but he did end up wearing a life jacket (which he usually fights me on), running and jumping of the dock (which I found super impressive), and loved to try kayaking.  He particularly loved a Kayak affectionally know as tippy.  He was so close to almost swimming here!  He took his life jacket on and tried lifting his hands and legs ....I thought for sure he would do it!

Hanging out!

Ashton in tippy!

On the way to and from New Hampshire we had a few fun adventures such as making candles at the Yankee Candle Flagship store in MA, unfortunately a few hours later Ashton's broke:(, going to a real coal mine in PA, and visiting the PEZ factory in CT, a big favorite for both kids!

Coal Mine

Making a sand candle

Pez Factory

Happy boy with Handy Mandy Pez