Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm going to miss this!

I love Ashton as a 2 year old.  I love the things he says and many of the things he does.  While I won't miss all the mischief he causes, I will miss a lot of his 2 year old little self!

One of my favorite things is the things he says.  At his 2.5 year appointment his pediatrician was very impressed with his vocabulary.

Almost every morning lately he asks to watch "eggo on the pooter", which means he wants to watch Diego on the computer.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hot dog baby

Well in case you didn't know we have a hot dog baby in our house.  Ashton loves to buckle himself into his changing pad "like a hotdog".  It really is adorable.  Pictures to follow!

Also Ashton has recently gotten into Diego.  Every morning around 5:15 ish and sometimes in the middle of the night, Ashton will come into our room requesting to watch Diego.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The baby with the hollow leg!

Ashton must have a hollow leg!  This little person can eat, and eat, and eat!  I don't know where he puts it all!  And he is only 2!  We joke that he must have a hollow leg!  Teenage years should be interesting!  We might have to start producing all our own food to keep up with demand!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The terrible two's have hit!

Up until recently, Ashton has been a pretty easy going responsive child. He would challenge you, but when disciplined he would be easily correctable.   However, lately he has hit the terrible two's.  Throwing tantrums, being ornery, mischievous, strong willed etc...Let's just pray it is a short phase!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Our poor dog!

Recently Ashton has discovered the dog.  Poor dog!  He tries to ride him, pull his tail and his ears, hit him, pat him, hug and kiss him....needless to say Austin is quite tolerant of him...he only growls and nips at him occasionally when Ashton really irritates him.  It will be interesting to see how his relationship with dog changes as he grows up!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Big boy bed!

Ashton is getting so big.  Daddy decided that it was time for Ashton to move into his toddler bed, even though mama wasn't quite ready emotionally!  Anyway Ashton did fairly well the first night!  Mama was awake many times because I heard him kicking on the wall, but I think daddy remedied that for this evening!  Ashton really seems to like it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer fun

Ashton has officially become my little side kick.  We have spent the last 4 weeks together, 24/7.  I think mama is going to have to serious separation anxiety next week when everyone returns to routine.  We spent 3 of the last 4 weeks going to different beaches.  The first trip was to the Outer Banks with our friends the Cagles.  Surprisingly, Ashton intially was not a big fan of the beach or the ocean.  The first few days he was terrified of the water and wouldn't come within feet of it and instead of playing in the sand, he would through himself down on his back in a temper tantrum. 

The 2nd and 3rd trips were much better and he had a lot more fun!!!!!  Our second trip was to Bethany beach with our friends the Bests and Helmicks.  The Bests adopted Ashton's 1/2 sister Ariana, and the Helmicks have 4 year old Micheal whom they adopted from foster care.  Even though Micheal is 4 years old, he and Ashton were like two peas in a pod!  They even called themselves twins:)  They had a blast together!  Ashton lost his fear of the water and of course loved the sand this time!
While at Bethany we also went to Rehobeth, where we went to funland!  For the first time Ashton really enjoyed the rides.  He actually asked to go on them!  He loved driving the boats, planes, helicopters, and vehicles.
Sadly while in Bethany Ashton lost his beloved blue he has taken to sleeping with his green blanket with brown polka dots and various toys such as trucks and boats.

Simultaneously along with the loss of blue, Ashton began to stutter significantly.  I am not sure if the two are related or if it was just coincidence.  Anyway everyone I talk with has mentioned that this is very developmentally appropriate.  Apparently he is developing so rapidly  in his brain, he can't keep up!    
For our last trip we went to Ocean City with Abuelita.  It was good time for Abuelita to spend time with Ashton, since she really hasn't had much of a chance.  We had a great time!

Now next week it is back to reality!  But I am thankful I will be able to be home at least one day a week with Ashton!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I love this age!  Ashton is so adorable!  The other evening after his bath, he was running back and forth naked around the house with is hooded towel on with his hands straight out in front of him, shouting, "super market"!  Love it!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Oh My Gosh and Holy Cow"

Ashton is a little parrot.  Some of his new favorites are "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh"  and "holy cow!"  There is just something about a 2 year old saying these phrases!

In other news Ashton has begun his own terrible two's.  While not as horrible as many, he still throws himself on the floor, knocks over things when he is angry, hits, and says NO.  Thankfully at this point he's easily correctable and responds well to consequences.  Let's hope it stays that way.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

No and other favorite words!

Ashton's official favorite word is the classic "NO!" Like many children his age regardless of what you ask him the answer will be an emphatic and resounding NO!

some other of our personal favorites are:

Kitty Hat aka as the Cat in the Hat

My Fuck or Fire Fuck aka My truck or Fire Truck

Lastly, he has really gotten into the Bubble Guppies. I have never seen them, but he watches them at Ms. Helen's. He is always asking for the "Guppies".

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bossy Baby

Lately Ashton has become quite bossy. He is constantly telling everyone what to do and if they don't comply he frequently tries to pull the individual to do what he wants them to do. So now instead of Baby Bobble head, his new official title is Bossy Baby.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Sometimes there are just words in spanish that just capture the essence of a child.  The word of the last few months is TRAVIESO.  Translated travieso means troublemaker, mischevious, boyish, playful, high sprited, naughty.  Well that is Ashton to a tee!  If
there is trouble to be made, Ashton will find it and make it.  Some of my favorites lately


1.  Taking his sister's BLACK mascara right before we are going to leave the house to have their photos taken professionally and putting it in his HAIR, face, and hands!

2.  Taking the flowers out of the vase on the kitchen table and laying them off to the side, so he could pour the large vase of water into a tiny kid sized cup that was empty on the table.  Needless to say there was ALOT of water in our kitchen!

3.  No standing water of any type is safe.  The dog's water bowl, any cup left on a table, his sippy cups, the bathtub, the water that paint brushes are soaking in...etc...he will find it and dump it out...normally on the floor or all over himself!  Thank goodness it's water!  He goes through at least 2 pairs of clothes a day!

4.  On a regular basis we have to patrol the bathroom because he loves to play in the toilet, with the toothpaste, and with the hand and soap lotion by the sink!

5.  He took my make-upconcealer and used it to paint on our bedroom furniture.

Of course this is just a small sampling of his toddler antics!

In other news Ashton just celebrated his 2nd birthday!  We had a small family party for him.  In attendence were his Ms. Taylor's family, Arianna's adoptive family, and us!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hard to believe our lil bubba is going to be 2 years old soon.

His vocabulary is incredible!  Yesterday Olav heard his first 3 word sentence.  "Daddy go out"

Also earlier this week he spent his first night away from us at someone else's house.  We had left him once last summer for the weekend, but the babysitter came to our home.   This time he slept at Ms. Helen's house.  She said he did great!

Yesterday at the mall he was intriqued by the easter bunny.  He kept looking over the fence to catch a glipse of him.  I couldn't believe it when he wanted to go see him closer up.    Lucky for us, Bjonar, Olav's brother was video taping incognito so I have this little treasure!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Daddy is Ashton's absolute favorite person in the whole wide world.  The world rises and sets on daddy!  When he falls down he only wants Daddy.  When he wake up first thing in the morning the first words he says repeatly are daddy.... daddy....  If mommy goes to pick him up....he hides in the corner of his crib and says no....daddy...If he get's left in the church nursery with his mother...he cries for daddy!!!!  Talk about a daddy's boy!

Ashton's favorite location to be is outside.  Regardless of the whether he want to be outside!!!!  And don't try to bring him inside....the only caveat was the snow...not sure he was a big fan of the  snow this year...I think it was hard from him to move around in all those snow clothes!

Blue is Ashton's lovey....Ashton is very attached to blue!  He must have blue to sleep.  Sometimes before bed or nap we have the mad search though the house looking for blue.  Blue is currently in the washing machine and you'd think we kidnapped blue permantly...Ashton is a bluthering mess!

At daycare Ashton's best buddie is Corrine.  Corrine is about 6 months older than Ashton.  She is an adorable little girl adopted from Ethiopia.  If Corrine is at Ms. Helen's Ashton is a happy camper!  As soon as they see each other they hug and dance.  If Corrine is not a Ms. Helen's, Ashton will frequently cry and throw himself down on the floor in protest.

Ashton loves the water/bath!  Anytime he can be in the water he is happy!!!!  Sometimes I even find that he has found his the water in my humidifier!

In other news Ashton has used the big boy "real" potty two times this weekend!  He is so proud of himself.  He sits on the potty and makes sounds like he is trying to poop...and of course pee comes out!  Today after he went pee pee...he said, "I BIG"  and did a happy dance.  Oh so cute!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gonna give your mama a complex!

Okay mama is officially chopped liver....Ashton only has eyes for daddy!  The world rises and sets on daddy.  I think mama is going to be developing a complex pretty soon:)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Daddy's lil sidekick

Ashton without a doubt is a daddy's boy!  When he comes home from Ms. Helen's he calls for daddy.  When he wakes up first thing in the morning he calls for daddy.  Whenever he is in the house he is always looking for daddy!  He is so much a daddy's boy that sometimes when I got take him out of his crib (even though he is calling for daddy), he pushes me away, demanding daddy.  He loves to help his daddy with bringing the wood into the house for the woodstove.   He loves to help daddy stacking the dishes in the dishwasher.  He also loves it when daddy "rock rock-read read" to him.

In other news Ashton's nephew (our grandson) 2.5 year old Eirik has moved in with us.  Needless to say it has rocked both little boys world.

Lastly Ashton has been spending a little more time in time out nowdays due to his lil temper which has really begun to show it's true colors.  When he gets frustrated or angry he throws!!!  Nothing is immune.  It could be a book or a big truck!

Overall though he continues to be a sweet baby boy!  He is talking up a storm and Lily has even taught him so not so nice words like "sucker" and "loser".  Oh the joys of two kids!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I am so mad....I can just throw....

Normally Ashton is a pretty happy little dude.  But lately he has been showing a little bit of his angry and frustrated side.  When he gets angry and frustrated nowdays he throws things...frequently his sippy cup or his lovey blue. His hit me in the head once or twice.   I do hope this is just a phase!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

bye bye highchair

Well even though Ashton has rejected the high chair for several weeks now, today we officially gave the high chair a new home.  Bye bye highchair...we loved you!  And so our baby grows up even more!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ashton's 1st haircut



Today daddy took Ashton to a local hair saloon to have his first haircut!  We were hoping to wait til age 2, but his mullet was getting to be a much, plus several people had recently mistaken him for a girl.  I was hoping to be there so I could video tape, take pictures, and save hair, but of course daddy without all those baby attachments just went for the gusto.  No video tape...only before and after pics, and of course no baby hair!  Oh well.