Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cover him in prayer day!

Today is cover Ashton in prayer day!  He has been really struggling at school.  We get reports home daily of a variety things he struggles with daily.  Today we are lifting him up to God.  Praying that God will give us clear direction as to what is best for Ashton!

Some days he loves us and says he loves us one hundred one thousand one million, the next minute he hates us and wishes we weren't in his family.  In some ways it's almost comical how he can switch so rapidly between the two.  Thankfully he is small and we take most of what he says with a grain of salt.  However, I must admit sometimes it's hard not to imagine the future if things don't change.  I am trying really hard to live in the present and not forecast into the behavior.

Today I read a scripture about how a praying mother can have an long shadow of influence on her children.  That is my prayer today.  That my prayers for Ashton will be heard and will be influential in his life!

I love this little guy so much!  He has so many gifts!  He's smart, amazingly articulate, active, and creative just to name a few!