Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ashton the entertainer!

Ashton at 2015 CCM Primary Program
Today was Ashton's pre-school holiday program at school.  In traditional Ashton fashion he was contrary to what was expected of him and  did not sing.  He pretended to yawn muliple times covering up his mouth, coughed and sneezed multiple times into his elbow, took off his snowman hat, sat and laid down on ground.  Truly the entertainer!  He had forewarned me that he would not be singing, so I knew not to get my hopes up!  But he was delighted we were there!  When his class first walked in, he was the only kid to run out of line into the audience to hug his daddy!

He also is picking up a few choice words...today I swore I heard him say Damn it!  When I asked him to repeat himself he said he said, Bam it!  Also he has been using "What the heck?"  Time to clean up our language usage!

We got our new camper today!  And boy oh boy is Ashton excited!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Pre-meditated nightmares

Ashton loves to sleep in our bed and in our room.  We've tried very hard to break him of this habit, including rewards to Chucky Cheese for so many successful sleeps in his room.  Last night took the cake.  He told me he was going to wake up in the middle of the night and come into our room because he WOULD be having a nightmare!  Furthermore, while we were still putting him to bed and he was still awake, he was complaining that he was having an active nightmare as we spoke!  That boy will try anything to get his way sometimes!

Another cute thing he did recently was go to whisper in my ear something so that his sister Lily wouldn't hear it.  Just to be sure, he asked, "Mommy if I whisper something in your ear, will Lily not be able to hear it on the other side (ear)?  LOL!