Friday, April 29, 2016

Another day of infamy for Ashton

The littlest Gjerde who shall remain unnamed, earned another day of infamy in our household. In his deep love for water and bubbles, washed his hands (a good habit right:)) in the basement sink. In his haste he left the sink stopper in (so the bubbles could stay in mom!) and the water running (it was too rusty for me to turn it all the way off). Needless to say we awoke to waterfall in the bathroom which made it's way into the hallway and the extra bedroom.

I've always wanted to gut that space, but now it is really going to have to happen!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The little man is 5!

Sorry for the delay in posting, things have been kind of nutty around here!  Ashton recently celebrated his 5th birthday!  This year he opted for a more intimate celebration.  We had hoped to have his party at the local park, but hence mother nature did not want to cooperate...she decided she needed one more last blast of winter before she left us for good.  I was a little stressed thinking of how to keep the kids occupied in the house and came up with a bunch of car themed games.  But guess what they wanted to do????  Go outside and play!  Go figure!  It was a good thing it was only 3 of them!
Making cars
Thank goodness for carpenter Pop-Pop
Looks who is 5!
In other news Ashton read to me his very first book.  He brought it home from school. It was called big!  I was so proud!

Today he got to be a kindergartner a day!  He was so excited!  He went to P.E. and had Spanish.  He got to eat lunch at school and play at recess with his kindergarten buddies.  Outside of falling down in P.E. and scraping his knee he said he had a great day!

Also Ms. Taylor told me that Ashton's birth father just had another baby with another woman,  I believe is a little boy.  So another 1/2 sibling in the books for Ashton.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Love my little man!

Of course Ashton drives us absolutely nuts with his strong willed ways, but there is something so charming and adorable about him even in his willfulness!

take a silly picture of me mommy!
First of all he is a little inventor.  He recent invention is called the double drinker.  Basically it is two red solo cups glued together, as you never know which beverage you might be in the mood for!  Of course knowing Ashton he probably tried to fill both sides, but man gotta love his creativity!

The double drinker

He also loves to pack snacks for all his carpool friends.  Ms. Jessica who picks him up from school daily talks about how he shares all his food equally with his friends!

He loves the dog and continues to torture him on a regular basis!

Poor Austin!
I took the kid to a Purim carnival in March in an attempt to relive some of my childhood with them.  They had a great time, but it was much different that I remembered as a child.  Ashton tried cotton candy for the first time there and decided he didn't like it!  Funny kid!

Trying Cotton Candy!
For Easter we went to Gaver Tree Farm which Ashton fondly calls Apple Gaver Tree Farm.  He loves it so much he asked if he could have his birthday there!  Unfortunately that are not open in the spring, but the Awanna church was having an Easter Egg hunt there!  He had so much fun.  He even found the "Jesus" egg which allowed him to get an extra prize which was a gift card to 5 below.  He was in heaven!

We spent Easter day with my sister and her family.  There is just something so cute about Ashton trying to find his Easter eggs!

Last night was Lily's 10th birthday party and it couldn't of played itself better if we tried.  Maddie's brother Mason came over as did Anna's little brother Jonah.  They played nerf guns with girls!  Ashton helped the girls build a fort outside, played sparklers, played piƱata, and sang karaoke.  He cried when we told him he couldn't sleep downstairs with the girls!

Ashton mission recon
The highlight for us was when Ashton did karaoke!  He sang the P.J. Mask theme song!  Oh my gosh so cute!!!!

Also for his birthday he got a scooter from Tia Lisa and family.  He absolutely loves it!  He is a natural.  It took him no time to get used to the "real" scooter!