Sunday, March 6, 2016

Living with a tornado!

Our little tornado at Great Falls

Living with Ashton is like living with a tornado.  He is full blast energy and movement from the moment he wakes up until his head crashes on the pillow when he falls asleep.  If he is not sitting still (which is very rare) he is biking throughout the house on his plasma car, jumping on his special jumping mattress, or tearing something else up in the house!  Not only is he a ball of energy but he is in to everything!  There are no boundaries for this kid!  If he wants to get into the cabinets, he climbs up and helps himself, if he wants to wrap presents, he locates the wrapping paper and uses it until it's all gone.  If he wants food, he helps himself!  We went through a phase recently where he was really being difficult, very developmental self centered, but he seems to have turned a corner.  Hoping and praying it continues!

He continues to appear to do well in school.  His reports that he consistently chooses difficult tasks to engage in.  He is beginning to write letters, including his own name.  He also loves to do crafts.  Tape, paper, stickers and scissors are some of his favorite things!  I can't keep enough scotch tape in the house, because Ashton is constantly using it for EVERYTHING!

One of my favorite things is Ashton's artwork!  I simply adore his pictures of people!

Me and Daddy in our bed, Lily and Ashton in their beds, we are all in our house!

The thing I notice the most about his Montessori Pre-K is his independence in the kitchen.  He wants to make his own sandwiches, spreading the peanut butter and jelly himself.  He likes pour his own drinks.  One of the highlights of school for him last week was getting to peel carrots with a carrot peeler!

Ashton also just finished up a session of basketball that he did with a local Methodist church.  He loved to sit on the bench and drink Gatorade.  When he did play the only thing he would do would be pass the ball in from the sidelines.  The funny thing is at home he loves to dribble the ball, but I guess being in that group situation was a little overwhelming for him.

Lastly Ashton has had two funny's that just have to be written down!  We went hiking in the boyscout camping area/Walkersville watershed on Saturday with Eirik.  We hiked to the lean-to shelters.  Ashton knowledgeable that we would have to hike into the woods to go camping there asked, "how will we get our kindles here!"  LOL

Also today we went to Chuck E. Cheeses.  There was sign of a gun with a red stripe through it similar to the one below.  Ashton say's to Eirik, "that means we can't play shoot guns here."  BOYS!