Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Busy night for the tooth fairy

Ashton lost his very first tooth today at school.  Unfortunately he dropped it and lost it so he couldn't bring it home to show us, but he was very excited!  Ironically enough Lily also lost one her last teeth this evening as well.  The tooth fairy better have made some good investments!

Also last weekend we celebrated Ariana's 4th birthday.  As usual I had to bribe Ashton to get a picture of him with his biological half sisters and birth mom!

Ashton seems to have turned a corner behaviorally.  For a while there he was really angry and explosive, but he seems to learning how to manage his anger more effectively.  I am hoping it is going to stick!  He had been quite difficult for quite some time, but the week or so we are seeing glimpses of our dear sweet boy!