Saturday, May 2, 2015

Better late than never!

April was a whirlwind.  We celebrated Easter with my sister and her family and celebrated Ashton and Lily's birthday parties.  Here are a few pics from the events!

Living with Ashton their is never a dull moment!  He says the funniest things!

Last week, I spent some time with Lily doing her nails in the bathroom.  After I was done with her, he asked if we could have some boy time
.  Of course I replied...what would you like to to do?  Of course I was expecting him to say let's go play outside or something of that sort....but no...he asked me to paint his nails like Lily!  LOL!  I think daddy was going to have a heart attack!  But he wanted them power all is good in the world!

Having a big sister he is heavily influenced by the things he sees and hears.  Last Sunday we were getting ready for church and Lily wanted to wear her brand new sparkly red high heels.  Of course Ashton asked where were his high heels?  I knew I would have to draw the line, as daddy would kill me if I let him wear heels to I told him that he had some other cool new shoes to wear!

It's so funny to see how he is trying to make sense of his world.  The other day his daycare provider , Ms. Helen asked him how he knows a boy from a girl.  Of course she did not get the expected answer!  Instead he replied, girls have black hair (like Lily and Corrine--his best friend at Ms. Helen's) and boys have blond hair like me)  LOL!

Lastly, I love how Ashton pics up vocabulary!  Like I've mentioned before ridiculous is one of his favorite words.  Mommy isn't that ridiculous!  Yesterday he was trying to say the word weapon....but he kept saying Whoopin!  He's running around with his "whoopin".  Love this kid!