Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Bubba on the move....

Well Ashton is 6 months now! hard to believe. He is becoming more and more mobile. He frequently will roll from his back to his front. The other morning, I found him smiling at me while on his tummy! He also can move around a space. Olav has left him in one area, only to return a few minutes later to find him moved several feet from his original position. Can you say, here comes trouble! I suspect in the next few weeks we will see him sitting up independently and crawling around. And of course as usual sticking EVERYTHING in his mouth. He has now added Oatmeal to his repertoire of far so good. This weekend it is PEAS...yummy:)

His sleeping has been a bit off lately. He has been waking up frequently in the night and early morning. Fortunately when he does he is SO tears or fussiness at all, so in many ways is a delight to "feed him". In fact, I know I should probably let him continue to play in his bed, but sometimes I can't sleep until I know he will go back to sleep. We go to the doctor on Monday so I will be eager to hear what they say about sleep training.

Ashton is drooling and chewing hard on my fingers all the time. I keep joking that Lily is going to lose two teeth and Ashton is going to grown two teeth at the same time...wouldn't that be something!