Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pulling out the big guns!

So Ashton has been quite strong willed about this whole using the potty thing.  He would pee in the potty, but he refused to poop.  Instead he would hide.  So for a while, we just decided we'll keep him in diapers and deal with it later.  However, he hates to be wet or dirty.  So about a week or so ago, he kept sneaking off his diaper.  I'd put a diaper on him, and a few hours later I'd check him, and he snuck his diaper off.  Then I would put a new diaper on him, only to find out a few hours later he had taken it off.  This would of been wonderful if actually decided to use the potty, but no...he kept defecating in his pants and peeing on the floor.  So seeking some counsel from some friends,they recommend we pull out the big guns!  Take away something meaningful to him if he chooses not to use the potty.  And so his lovey Pokey was the "big gun".  At first we gave Pokey back the next day as if a it was a fresh start.  But then someone said, do not give it back until he does what he knows he supposed to do.  It was tough...you could tell he missed Pokey a lot.  Not to mention he didn't sleep as well without his lovey.  But we are happy to report that after a full week without Pokey he realized we meant business....and happily for the last few days has been doing HIS business in the potty!!!  Yeah!!!  Now hopefully it will stick.  He has a sticker chart, and when he fills it up, he is going to get a paw patrol lookout!  Here's to a diaper free 2015!