Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jibber Jabbering Monkey boy

Caught in the act!

So excited!

Got caught!

4th of July fun at the Baker Park Creek

Who me?

Ashton is so cute nowdays.  He is jibber jabbering all the time!  I wish you could capture it in a photograph!  Who knows what he is saying, but he goes on and on!  So cute!  Physically he is absolutely fearless!  You turn around for one second and he has climbed on a chair or table.  Give him another few days and he will have mastered both the sofa and the bed. At the playground he loves to climb up and down stairs and try to climb up the slide.  He also goes down the twirly slide at Baker Park all by himself.   He continues to love the water!  Any chance he can find just the slightest drop of water, he will indulge! bowl....etc.  Olav says he even understands the word bath and get all excited and goes to the bathtub trying to turn it on!