Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hard to believe our lil bubba is going to be 2 years old soon.

His vocabulary is incredible!  Yesterday Olav heard his first 3 word sentence.  "Daddy go out"

Also earlier this week he spent his first night away from us at someone else's house.  We had left him once last summer for the weekend, but the babysitter came to our home.   This time he slept at Ms. Helen's house.  She said he did great!

Yesterday at the mall he was intriqued by the easter bunny.  He kept looking over the fence to catch a glipse of him.  I couldn't believe it when he wanted to go see him closer up.    Lucky for us, Bjonar, Olav's brother was video taping incognito so I have this little treasure!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Daddy is Ashton's absolute favorite person in the whole wide world.  The world rises and sets on daddy!  When he falls down he only wants Daddy.  When he wake up first thing in the morning the first words he says repeatly are daddy.... daddy....  If mommy goes to pick him up....he hides in the corner of his crib and says no....daddy...If he get's left in the church nursery with his mother...he cries for daddy!!!!  Talk about a daddy's boy!

Ashton's favorite location to be is outside.  Regardless of the whether he want to be outside!!!!  And don't try to bring him inside....the only caveat was the snow...not sure he was a big fan of the  snow this year...I think it was hard from him to move around in all those snow clothes!

Blue is Ashton's lovey....Ashton is very attached to blue!  He must have blue to sleep.  Sometimes before bed or nap we have the mad search though the house looking for blue.  Blue is currently in the washing machine and you'd think we kidnapped blue permantly...Ashton is a bluthering mess!

At daycare Ashton's best buddie is Corrine.  Corrine is about 6 months older than Ashton.  She is an adorable little girl adopted from Ethiopia.  If Corrine is at Ms. Helen's Ashton is a happy camper!  As soon as they see each other they hug and dance.  If Corrine is not a Ms. Helen's, Ashton will frequently cry and throw himself down on the floor in protest.

Ashton loves the water/bath!  Anytime he can be in the water he is happy!!!!  Sometimes I even find that he has found his the water in my humidifier!

In other news Ashton has used the big boy "real" potty two times this weekend!  He is so proud of himself.  He sits on the potty and makes sounds like he is trying to poop...and of course pee comes out!  Today after he went pee pee...he said, "I BIG"  and did a happy dance.  Oh so cute!