Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's amazing the changes in 2 weeks!

On Monday Ashton and Olav returned from their visit trip to Norway for 12 days. Boy did I miss them! It is amazing how much Ashton has changed in just two short weeks! Before the trip he was taking up to 11 steps. Now he is a walking maniac. He can occassionally has been "caught running". He can manuever his walking toy with ease. Pulling it backwards and forwards, moving it to where he wants it to go. Not only is he walking, but he is climbing. Climbing the bathroom stool, the baseboard heaters, climbing onto his tippy toes to reach the door handle. Not only is he super mobile, he is super verbal. Before he left for Norway was a man of few words. Now he is a babbling and yaking constantly! He says "G" and "da da". Plus he has the cute new thing he does when he looks at you and lifts up one arm up in the if to say "so big". Hopefully I can snap a picture of it soon! If we thought he was a daddy's boy before the trip...he is totally a daddy's boy now. Mommy is officially chopped liver! Ashton can be fine, then daddy walks into the room...and all of sudden Ashton fusses and wants to be picked up by his daddy!