Saturday, March 22, 2014

One day he is going to kill me for this!

Okay so I really, really,  really wanted to post a picture of Ashton's "new" outfit today!  However keeping in mind his future well being, I decided it was best to leave it to the imagination.  That being said, I most describe his selected outfit for the moment!

A light blue spider man shirt, his skinny grey saggy pajama pants with vehicles on it.  On top of the pajama bottoms are his new Diego underwear, worn backwards so Diego is in the front. On top of it all he wanted to put on Lily's ivory mary- jane "tap' shoes.  Too cute!!!!  Although he quickly decided the mary- jane "tap" shoes where inefficient for playing outside!

In other news we lost our  "lovie" pokey last weekend! We took the kids to a friends farmette to be watched by a " responsible party".  Needless to say pokey was never found.  Sadness.