Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pulling out the big guns!

So Ashton has been quite strong willed about this whole using the potty thing.  He would pee in the potty, but he refused to poop.  Instead he would hide.  So for a while, we just decided we'll keep him in diapers and deal with it later.  However, he hates to be wet or dirty.  So about a week or so ago, he kept sneaking off his diaper.  I'd put a diaper on him, and a few hours later I'd check him, and he snuck his diaper off.  Then I would put a new diaper on him, only to find out a few hours later he had taken it off.  This would of been wonderful if actually decided to use the potty, but no...he kept defecating in his pants and peeing on the floor.  So seeking some counsel from some friends,they recommend we pull out the big guns!  Take away something meaningful to him if he chooses not to use the potty.  And so his lovey Pokey was the "big gun".  At first we gave Pokey back the next day as if a it was a fresh start.  But then someone said, do not give it back until he does what he knows he supposed to do.  It was tough...you could tell he missed Pokey a lot.  Not to mention he didn't sleep as well without his lovey.  But we are happy to report that after a full week without Pokey he realized we meant business....and happily for the last few days has been doing HIS business in the potty!!!  Yeah!!!  Now hopefully it will stick.  He has a sticker chart, and when he fills it up, he is going to get a paw patrol lookout!  Here's to a diaper free 2015!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lil booger!

Lil booger!

That cheesy grin!
If I haven't mentioned it before Ashton has finally hit that if you don't give me what I want, I will have a temper tantrum, try to hit you, or tell you I don't like you.  Ugh...  He has begun spending more time in his room for time out.  Trying to teach him that he can't say mean things to people when he is angry.  It is definitely a process!  Even in his orneriness his still an adorable little booger! He loves to read books.  Every Friday, since he competed his Pike I swim class, he goes with daddy to the library to get lots of books!  He loves to have two books read to him each night!  He likes them with lots of pictures and not too many words!  He also has been on a paw patrol kick!  He continues to want to be called Ryder from paw patrol often! 

We had pictured taken with his birth family in October! I had to bribe Ashton with chocolate!  He was not thrilled!  Nor was Arianna, with that pouty look on her face!  Poor Taylor!  Hopefully she doesn't take it personally.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So much to download

I absolutely LOVE the things Ashton says.  First he will frequently talk about his umbrella...he calls it his crumbrella.  Also, yesterday we were at a "show" and their where some children doing "circus" like performances.  One of the children, climbed onto a large red fitness ball and stood on top.  Ashton said, "That's not such a good idea." matter of factly.
He also LOVES to be with his daddy and do anything his daddy does.  The other day I pulled into the driveway and Ashton and Daddy where on the hill.  Daddy with an axe in his hand splitting fireword and Ashton sitting a few feet a way with his little toy drill, drilling the firewood.  It was also apparent that Ashton had moved several pieces of firewood and had begun stacking them on the driveway.  Adorable.   Then this week Daddy started pulling up the kitchen floor tiles to replace the old kitchen floor.  Both Ashton and Lily wanted in on the action.  They were like little contractors.  Using Daddy's spackling and putty  knifes  to pull up all the old tiles.  Child labor at it's finest

Ashton's art!  A few week ago we were at bible study and Ashton made some art on Ms. Hope's easel.  Gotta say I absolutely love it.  It's a picture of me, Lily and Ashton.  Guess who is the biggest?  So Ashton is the left, Lily is in the middle, and mommy is on the far right!

Also Thursday Oct 16th  at 10:59 Ashton's newest half-sister Paisley Landen was born.  She was 5lbs 7 oz and 19 3/4 inches.  She is currently in the nicu.  She has had trouble breathing and eating.  Hopefully she will be coming home soon.

Potty training has officially gone backwards.  Ashton has been back in diapers for just over 2 weeks now.  Major bummer, but I guess when he is ready he will be ready.  I think we all got tired of him pooping and peeing in his pants all the time.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So independent

Our little man is soooo independent now days!  He wants to do everything by himself.  In the morning he will get himself out of bed, dress himself, brush his teeth, put on his shoes...and he is ready to go! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Potty Trained....95.5%

I am happy to say that after a summer of haphazard potty training, that I think Ashton has finally gotten it!  Yeah!!!!  Go Ashton!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Farwell Summer Vacation

Today marks the last official day of the summer vacation!  Tomorrow, mom returns to work and Ashton begins his time at Ms. Helen's.  This summer was full of lots of activities!  We were on the go-go-go constantly.  I think everyone is ready for a bit a routine!

Am I cute or what?

First we spent a lot of time at the beach.  First, we went to the beach with Kodi and Aly, then, went to the beach with our friends from church, including his best buddy Micheal, and lastly we went to the beach with Abuelita.  I think at the end, the kids were beached out!  Originally Ashton said he wasn't going to go in the water, but after the 2nd or 3rd day at the beach, he changed his tune.

Life long buddies-Micheal and Ashton
Chillin under the tent with Ariana and Michael
Can't believe Ms. Patsy got you to take a baby snooze on the beach!

Our friend Yolanda came to visit!  Ashton really took to her, very unusual for him to attach to a grown up so quickly.  Yolanda has a very special way about her!  We took her and the kids to Great Falls in Virginia.  Both Ashton and Lily loved hiking on the rocky trails!

Great falls with Abuelita and Yolanda
Loving the trail!
We have been pseudo potty training...it's hard to do when you are always on the go....but I think it's coming.  He still is having lots of accidents, but sometimes now he will tell us when he has to pee.  This morning upon waking up was so cute...daddy told him to go and pee, so he did.  After he peed for a long time he said, "coffee pee".  This was so funny because every morning watches daddy go potty after he has had a few cups of  coffee, of course we always remark how stinky it is...daddy proudly says, "coffee pee".

In addition to all this we have gone to carnivals with good friends, Greenbrier State Park, had sleepovers with our best buddy Michael, went to Idlewild Amusement park....it's been a really great summer!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Norway and the bike

We recently returned from our family trip to Norway.  From the moment we bought the tickets Ashton couldn't wait to go and from the moment we landed in Norway he couldn't wait to go home!  Go figure!  I think he had a nice time in Norway, but all he could think about was getting back home so he could ride a bike like his buddy Micheal.  So yesterday he finally got Micheal's old bike!  He's been riding it non-stop.  Even this morning, the first thing he wanted to do was ride his bike!  This kid loves anything with WHEELS!

Monday, June 9, 2014

He's really outdone himself this time

Ashton's future allowance will be forever docked after yesterdays stunt!  While watching a movie on my laptop, Ashton must of thought the computer needed a bath, because somehow he dumped what seemed like an entire water bottle on the computer.  When I found the computer, I drained a river of water out of it!  Needless to say, I expect it to be dead, but I am still hoping that it might dry out and be somewhat salvageable.  To make matters even worse, not only did he douse my computer, he thought his daddy's computer could use a good bath as well.  I hoping daddy's might survive as I caught it early and only his mouse pad and keyboard seemed to have gotten a good soaking.  Needless to say this memory will live in infamy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

He's 3...how did that happen!

So hard to believe the little bubba turns 3 tommorow!  I have so loved these past 3 years!  I love the funny things he says and does.  I love his vocabulary.  His mannerisms.  There is just something really precious about a 2 year old mimicking the world around him his words and actions (except of course when he is mimicking his sister's temper tantrams...then of course...he is so not cute)

Some of my favorites...."Lily stop irritating me"  "Daddy are you going to see some clients?"  "I want to supervise you."

We had a joint birthday party for him at the pool with Lily.  The birthday party was a hit.  Ashton's best bud Michael was there to celebrate.

He continues to love being outdoors.  It doesn't matter what the weather is....he ALWAYS wants to be outside!!!!

He also continues to eat us out of house and home! This is a kid who loves to eat!!!  He especially loves strawberries, blueberries, and go-go applesauces.  He also loves liver pate.  Go figure.  At least for the most part he likes healthy foods.  He doesn't seem to care for cakes or candy bars too much...many times he can take it or leave it...I wish I was like that!

Lastly how could I forget his latest obsession with Diego (from Dora and Diego).  He loves everything Diego.  He wanted a Diego cake.  He wears his Diego shirt, underwear and hat with great pride.  He even refers to himself often as Diego!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

One day he is going to kill me for this!

Okay so I really, really,  really wanted to post a picture of Ashton's "new" outfit today!  However keeping in mind his future well being, I decided it was best to leave it to the imagination.  That being said, I most describe his selected outfit for the moment!

A light blue spider man shirt, his skinny grey saggy pajama pants with vehicles on it.  On top of the pajama bottoms are his new Diego underwear, worn backwards so Diego is in the front. On top of it all he wanted to put on Lily's ivory mary- jane "tap' shoes.  Too cute!!!!  Although he quickly decided the mary- jane "tap" shoes where inefficient for playing outside!

In other news we lost our  "lovie" pokey last weekend! We took the kids to a friends farmette to be watched by a " responsible party".  Needless to say pokey was never found.  Sadness. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ashton's first "class"

Ashton has a couple things going for him!  First he is "big" for his age.  At 2.5 he rivals some 4 and 5 year olds.  When people ask how old he is and find out he is only 2.5, they can't believe it!  Secondly, he has a big sister who is 5 years older than him, so of course he always wants to do what she is doing.

So of course for months now Lily has been swimming at a new swim school in Frederick.  Ashton's best buddy Michael, who although is the nearly the same size as Ashton, he is nearly 2.5-3 years older than Michael, has also been taking classes at the same place.  So of course...what does Ashton want to do.....go to the pool like his big sister and Michael!

So we took the plunge...plunked down $100 for Ashton to take his first official "swim class" independently!  Surprisingly he did very well!  I felt bad for the teacher, she was new and had 4 young boys.  One who cried the entire time, another one who didn't listen at all, and Ashton and Michael who just wanted to play a lot!  Hopefully the teacher will have learned a little this week during and her training and hopefully this week she will run the show!  Needless to say it was really fun to see Ashton be so independent!

The funny things Ashton says

Ashton's vocabulary is incredible.  I love listening to him talk.  Today while I was peeling his orange, he tells me he is going to bring a chair over so he can "supervise" me.

While giving him baby cosquillas  (tickle scratches), he says, "mommy why are your claws so sharp?"

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sleep over at Abuelita's

Well Ashton had his first official sleep over at Abuelita's!  From the look of the pictures I think it was a hit!  From Abuelita's post of facebook, I think she is worn out and will need several days recovery time!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Testing Two's

Ashton has gone from the Terrible two's to the testing two's.  If there is a boundary to test he is going to try and test it! 

What happened to my sweet innocent little baby?