Sunday, June 25, 2017

He can swim!

Ashton has finally learned to swim!  It started in May when we went camping with Aaron Michael.  Aaron taught him how to go underwater.  A few weeks ago he started doggy paddling and on father's day he swam for 11 seconds!  Go Ashton!  Now maybe we can give him swim lessons without him crying on side?  Do we dare go for bike riding with no training wheels this summer too???

Enjoying a the lake!

Friday, June 9, 2017

1st grader in the house!!!!

I can't believe it!  Ashton has completed kindergarten!  We made it!  The last few days he has had some bumps, but overall the last quarter has been a huge improvement!  He is a typical boy...all about poop and farting noises with his armpit!  The only thing missing is the burp!  I'm sure that will come!  Overall he's been super sweet at home, doing chores to "buy" a replacement kindle (he broke the other one).  I feel like these last day of school photographs capture little parts of his essence!