Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer adventures

Ashton's summer has kicked off with a bang!  To begin with we headed down south to the smoky mountains for Grandma Ginger's 75th birthday celebration/family reunion.  For the most part Ashton traveled well all things considered.  One of our favorite quotes from the trip  was "Lily are you sick yet?" 

Both our kids have a long history of being car sick, so of course it was only natural for Ashton to ask if Lily was sick YET? Thankfully no one threw up on this trip.  Ashton waited until we got home and then threw up in my car yet again!

While on our trip we visited the Natural Bridge and Johnson City Children's Museum.  Ashton played with his cousin Collin, shot an airsoft pistol, played mini lawn golf, and enjoyed the slip and slide.

Natural Bridge

Last week Ashton went to his first official "camp".  He did a Monday, Wednesday, Friday gymnastics camp.  He seemed to really enjoy it!  He also went to Vacation Bible School at the Frederick Church of the Brethren.  I can't believe on the last day he stood on stage in front of everyone and sang the VBS songs with their hand movements! 

Gymnastics Camp 2015

He has also made some swimming progress this summer!  Developing more and more confidence.  He also is very confident on his bike!  I think he is totally ready to lose the training wheels!

Today, we took him to a Monster Truck Jam.  He really enjoyed it once he got over his initial fear.  A fun new experience for the whole family!

Monster Truck Show