Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Fun

Well we have definitely had a fun filled October!  Tonight we have the grand finale of Halloween trick-or-treating in Pop's neighborhood.  Ashton originally wanted to be a black cat for Halloween.  He's not a big costume guy so I didn't want to spend to much time and energy on a costume I knew he probably wouldn't ever wear!  So we took at black beanie cap and I let him paint a cat face on it.  I think he wore it once for the recreation and parks trick-or-treat!  The last few days of dressing up he has been wearing his fireman jacket and hat (an old standby).

Also Ashton started his new school.  He appears to like it overall.  Every once in a while he complains that he "hates" school, but I think overall this was a good change for him!  I really hope he begins to "love" school otherwise it's going to be a long road!!!!

Lastly, his love affair with basketball was short lived.  He really enjoyed the first few classes, but after a while he lost interest.  We will try again in the winter with some friends with a new venue/instructor.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Changes are coming

Changes are coming for Ashton next week.  This week we received a phone call from Lily's school the Carroll Creek Montessori School that Ashton's number had come up in the lottery and they had a Pre-K4 opening for him.

Originally we thought we wait til next year for him to go to Lily's school, but the principal said they only had one opening in kindergarten last year, so it may or may not be possible.  So considering that he still wasn't having a thriving attitude at his school in Mt. Airy, he will get to go with Lily in the mornings to school, it is a half-day program, it is free, and his friend Chase goes there, we deciding to bite the bullet and go for it.  So he will start on Monday.  Gosh I hope he likes it!  Otherwise he is going to be miserable the rest of the school year!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Can you say STUBBORN!!!!

Can you say STUBBORN!  This describes Ashton to a tee!  He if he wants to do something....wonderful, but if he doesn't want to do anything, watch out. HE WILL NOT DO IT!  I does not matter how much you bribe or consequence!

Take for example swim lessons.  First, keep in mind, Ashton LOVES the water!  Last spring we signed up to take swim lessons at Frederick High School with Lily's former swim coach.  He sat on he side and cried the entire time.  We decided to wait until Fall.  Well fast forward to now, the first class he sat on the side, got in one time, and swam one lap with Ms. Diane.  The 2nd lesson he sat on the side and refused to get in.  I even bribed him with chocolate and lollipops.  Daddy told him he was going to take away his lovey pokey.  He did not care, he was not swimming.  We decided to try one more time this week....major fail!  Not only did he refuse to swim, he went into the locker room and changed his clothes so he wouldn't have to swim.  Little booger.  Oh well, we'll try again another time.

The good thing is he did ask to play basketball and he actually is enjoying it!

Pre-School continues to be an adjustment.  He still doesn't like to go.  He doesn't like nap time which is a two hour block.  A friend of mine suggested we do no cry bags, and that has seemed to work.  In the beginning he received a no cry bag with a prize every time he did not cry when I left.  Now he is working on not crying for several days in a row!

Despite not seeming to like to preschool the pictures the preschool send us show us otherwise!