Monday, June 20, 2016

Watch out kindergarten, here comes Ashton!

Well it's official Ashton is a no  longer in Pre-K but kindergarten!  His teacher sent home a pic of his first days in pre-K  in October until his final days in pre-K in June!  I can't believe how much he has grown and changed!

Look a what a difference one school year makes!

Also, the little man posed for me for his last day of school picture!  So cute! 

Also Mr. Jimmy took the kids fishing yesterday in the pond behind our house.  Ashton caught his first fish with Mr. Jimmy.  He was very excited!  I didn't get to see it or see a photograph of it, but he told us how great it was!  Ashton however did not want to touch the fish!

Ashton has been super fun lately!  He has really come out of his shell!  So outgoing and chatty!  He used to hide behind me all shy and reluctant to give affection, but lately he's been a sweetie pie!  Everyone has been commented how he has really bloomed!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Water water everywhere!

It's no secret Ashton loves water!  He loves water in the sink, in the pool, in the bath, in bottle, in a bucket....if it's water Ashton loves it!  Too bad he won't cooperate with swimming lessons!  Anyway when Ashton takes a bath he frequently gets water EVERYWHERE!  Recently, he took a bath and got water not only in the bathroom but in the hallway as well.  How on earth he manages this I will never know!  Anyway after having him clean up the hallway, the floor was still slippery.  As I was lamenting about this to him, he decided he needed to make a slippery sign so as to warn us grown ups that the floor was slippery!  LOL  Notice that he used a band aid and duct tape to hang it on the door.  Will our house ever survive!

Slippery when wet!