Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Things I want to savor forever!

I've been really trying to be present with Ashton and really soak in the essence of who he is because before I know it, it will be gone and I'll be grasping for it! 

So here are some things lately that I just want to savor!

1.  The way he writes his name. I love his s

2. How when I leave the house, how he'll chase me down the street waving goodbye!  I never want to drive away!

3. Or how when I leave the house, he needs one more hug, one more beso

4.   How I lifted him out the car one night and he  draped his hands around my shoulders in a heavy hug/embrace.  Of course I when it happened I didn't want to put him down!

5.  How he loves to be outside, riding his bike, his scooter, helping our friend spread the mulch and pull weeds.

6.  How he always wants me to scratch his back in his bed.