Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November news

Magical Fall Hike
Ashton seems to be doing well in his new school.  He no longer gets up in cries and hides in the morning  His teacher reports that he has adjusted extremely well.  The only thing she mentioned that she is working with him on is choosing friends for work time vs. play time.  He went through a phase where he kept saying he was having "nightmares" so he could sleep in our room.  We recently did a reward system to get him to sleep in his room and that seemed to work.  Although last night he woke up in middle of the night and wanted Daddy to stay in his room and cuddle him back to sleep.  He also has really cut back on his naps....bummer...I really miss those especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  He continues to love anything with wheels and constantly talking about saving up his money for a tractor or four-wheeler.  I am hoping to get him a ride on a four-wheeler over the Christmas Holiday break.  We've been on lots of little hikes this fall and he really enjoys it! He and Lily are so creative in their thought and play as they wonder the woods together.