Friday, December 30, 2016

So many things

First, I found information on Ashton's birthfather Ricky on facebook recently.  Man does he really favor him in appearance.

Rick Lane October 2016
I also found pictures of Ashton's newest 1/2 brother Aiden Ares Lane.  Ironically he was born in April as well, around April 1st 2016.  Man in some pictures they look very much alike.  It's freaky.



It hard to tell if Ricky is currently parenting, it looks like he was in the beginning, but there are not updated photos of him with the child of recent.  I guess time will tell.

Of course all this finding in some ways worries me.  The natural part of adoption is grief  and loss.  The loss of the first family or feelings of rejection or abandonment.   I just want to protect our little boy from all that!

It is the deepest prayer of my heart that Ashton will never feel unloved or abandoned.  That he will feel minimal grief and a loss, but a sense profound of peace that God works out all things for HIS good.

We recently started counseling at Brooklane for Ashton.  He had been having a very difficult time at school.  Thankfully he attends a Montessori school and they have been a lot more gracious than a more traditional school might be.  I fear if he was at a traditional school he would have been suspended already:(

I am hoping with some new interventions in place for after break that hopefully we'll see some progress.  The hard part as a parent is we find ourselves constantly questioning ourselves, what's the best thing to do for him.  Of course we only want the very best for him.  I guess time will tell, but it's hard not to have all the answers all up front.

Christmas with Ashton of course was very fun!  He received his favorite gift which was a little tykes indestructible remote control helicopter!  He was so excited for Christmas!  One of my favorite Ashtonism's from Christmas was we all got battery operated toothbrushes. He was so cute, he calls them "remote control" toothbrushes!  Now he loves to brush his teeth!

Ashton and his stocking "goodies"

Of course he continues to love to be outside!  Being outside is his "happy place".  So glad God put him in our family.  He fits just right!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Always an adventure

Parenting Ashton is always an adventure.  This week he decided to be "that kid" at his elementary school.  Complete with refusing to go to class, running and hiding in the school building with several teachers and administrators searching for him, and being mean to a peer by dumping paint all over him.  Thankfully, he had good days on Thursday and Friday!  Needless to say we have an appointment at Brooklane next week!  Little boys!